Friday, November 30, 2012


Life has been exhausting.  I really feel like I have no energy or creativity left to parent... but I know God is with me... strengthening me and guiding me everyday.. I just pray that I hear His voice and be obedient...

Part of the exhaustion may be due to the fact that we had Thanksgiving dinner at house this year...for the first time.  And we invited both sides of the family, which was so much fun..but a lot of cooking!  I'm realizing very quickly that it is not very easy to prepare for guests and a party when homeschooling!  The house is a constant mess and there is just no time!! Nevertheless, we were very glad that everyone came...and who knows, it may become a tradition to have Thanksgiving dinner at our place! 

The girls really enjoyed having everyone over. They were great hostesses!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just a Closer Walk with Thee...

Love this hymn... It will forever remind me of Charlotte Sanchez.. a woman who loves the Lord will all her mind, heart and soul... a grandmother who is filled with so much joy and overflows with God's love. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Turning 4.

Yesterday we had a big celebration for our soon to be 4 year old girl (tomorrow!).  She has been counting down for this day since the day after she turned 3.  She also knew exactly what she wanted for her celebration.. a ballerina party, all girls, only a few boys (Daddy, Poppa, Uncle Taka and Teacher Danny).. a ballerina cake..

So we made it happen! We sent out a sweet ballerina invitation to her very close girlfriends (who all showed up!)... And yesterday, we had a tutu making, bounce house jumping, ballerina dancing, cake eating, present opening DAY! I think she was a very happy girl... especially because her favorite "teacher" in all the world.. Miss. Courtney came to teach ballet to her and her friends. It was so very

I only have the "aftermath" photos since I didn't have a camera on me during the party.  I'm hoping my photographer brother took some priceless shots. ;)

Here is a photo taken by Nana.

The only photo I took during the party...before everyone arrived!

"After the party" shots.. ;)

Pink and yellow decor.

The "dance studio".  Fortunately, we are in the middle of organizing/ renovating the study/homeschool room so it was easy to clear out this space for the dance lesson. :)

We covered our school shelf with a vintage sheet..

The birthday girl has a lot of thank-you cards to write. ;)

Everyone passed out in the living room (minus littlest sister who was napping in her bedroom) after our guests left... Right after I took this photo, I took a one hour nap. 

This was her the day before her birthday... I was sitting by her when she fell asleep..just cherishing her last day of being 3..

This is her...the morning of her 4th birthday!

Today, I got to spend almost the entire day with this precious girl.. we even bought matching $5 sunglasses!!! And tomorrow, she will officially be 4!! I'm happy for her just because she has been waiting an entire year for this day to come...but I'm hoping that her sweet high pitched voice, her lisps and other quirky things will linger a little longer.. ;)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Yes.  "Happy Turkey Day!" was what these girls were shouting out as they passed candies until 9pm on the 31st.  Wrong holiday..but appropriate thing to say in their Native American and Pilgrim costumes. :)

This was taken at the little girl's auntie and uncle's house (our lifegroup partners' house).. They had a fun pumpkin carving party....but the little ones mostly enjoying passing out (and eating) the candies. ;)
After years of figuring out/praying about Halloween and how we want to celebrate (or not celebrate) this day.. we have decided to let the girls dress up in their costumes to celebrate LIFE, not death.  So we don't really go trick-or-treat...but we go to the Harvest festival held at a local church.  They get to play games and have plenty of fun...and candy!  I think all three, including Littlest Sister, got to enjoy celebrating "Harvest Day" and spending time with friends this year!

Here are some other photos from this year's Halloween...

At first she was going to be an Angel...

Then our sweet neighbors gave us these fun costumes!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happenings around here.... 

Doing house chores, learning how to write, and crafting with the girls..


Reading a great book that was given to me ... with her notes in it too!

Celebrating Uncle T's birthday at Disneyland!

Daddy wins a mini-surfing contest! The girls were such great cheerleaders!

Loving her big sister's hand-me-down dress. 

Celebrating a friend's birthday at the dry bar (hair styling salon)!
Such precious time with these girls that I cherish!