Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Yes.  "Happy Turkey Day!" was what these girls were shouting out as they passed candies until 9pm on the 31st.  Wrong holiday..but appropriate thing to say in their Native American and Pilgrim costumes. :)

This was taken at the little girl's auntie and uncle's house (our lifegroup partners' house).. They had a fun pumpkin carving party....but the little ones mostly enjoying passing out (and eating) the candies. ;)
After years of figuring out/praying about Halloween and how we want to celebrate (or not celebrate) this day.. we have decided to let the girls dress up in their costumes to celebrate LIFE, not death.  So we don't really go trick-or-treat...but we go to the Harvest festival held at a local church.  They get to play games and have plenty of fun...and candy!  I think all three, including Littlest Sister, got to enjoy celebrating "Harvest Day" and spending time with friends this year!

Here are some other photos from this year's Halloween...

At first she was going to be an Angel...

Then our sweet neighbors gave us these fun costumes!

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