Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Party & Jana.

We kicked off the weekend by going to a Valentine's Party at a nearby park.  The girls participated in decorating cookies, making crafts and exchanging valentine's.  It was their first time exchanging valentine's, and they enjoyed making and passing out their little cards with a heart lollipop attached.  Inside we wrote "Jesus loves you!" and "John 3:16"... Biggest sister was out on the playground passing out her valentines to kids she has never met.. and explaining to them what the verse meant... basically evangelizing!

That evening, for Friday Night Family Night, Bryant took biggest sister and big sister to the "World of Color" show at Disneyland/California Venture while I stayed home with littlest sister.  It was their first time seeing the show, and Bryant's first time going to Disneyland with just the girls... so they just all had a blast as you can imagine. :)

On top of that, the girls had the chance to see their favorite singer perform live at a local church.

Needless to say, the girls were pooped by Saturday evening...but we still made it to church this morning AND attend a meeting tonight!

Looking forward to this week... celebrating Valentine's with the family...and learning about God's love!

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