Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day & Nature Walk.

Nature can not be replaced.  Obviously.  But this is what I was thinking while the girls and I were on a walk at a nature reserve in our neighborhood.  We were surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers...even the rays of the sun and the dirt on the ground were so beautiful and calming this Valentine's morning. :)

Biggest sister had fun looking for insects...and managed to bring a couple home..

This baby doll seemed to enjoy all the nature also. ;)

Big sister picked some pretty flowers.

Earlier today, we had "design your own pancake" as a family.  We had so much fun... we decided to make it an annual Valentines tradition. :)

We also made Sunflower Butter Cookies for the first time.  They turned out pretty good!

In the evening, we had a candlelight dinner (with a ton of candles)... and turned off all the lights.  The girls absolutely loved it (this may become a tradition as well)!  Who knew celebrating Valentine's day as a family would is so much fun!!

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