Friday, February 10, 2012

A Surprise.

Biggest sister has been waiting months for her Oji-chan (grandfather in Japanese) to visit so he can fix her guitar strings (on her toy guitar he purchase for her two birthdays ago).  She knows that whenever Ojichan visits, he brings a new set of strings and helps fix her guitar.

Oji-chan has been in Japan the last few months...and when she found out he was visiting this past week she was ecstatic.  She even reminded Oji-chan over skype that her guitar strings broke again and asked if he can help her fix it.

Well, to her surprise, when Oji-chan showed up at the door with Oba-chan last Tuesday he had another guitar with him! It was an OLD guitar that he had stored in the garage for a looong time. But biggest sister didn't care.  She was SO excited to have a bigger, and a REAL guitar to play with!! She immediately got the guitar out and started playing.. but of course, Oji-chan said "let me put new strings in first, and then you can play."  He spent most of the evening replacing the strings and tuning his old guitar and her toy guitar (which she happily gave to her little sister).

That evening both girls put on a great show with their "new" guitars!  And since then, biggest sister has written a song about each member of her family (including our dog Mochi)..

The simplest of things that brings JOY to our girls... The joy that comes from a new (even though old) gift... And the joy that comes from her grandfather's generosity and willingness to put the effort and time into something his granddaughter truly enjoys.

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