Monday, October 10, 2011

Desert Adventure!

This past weekend we visited our very special friends that live in the desert.  This family just impresses me with the way they make the best of every and any situation.  Well, since they've moved to the desert they have purchased a few toys... Let's just say, we had a lot of fun with them this weekend. :) 

This is where it all began..

This is where we ended up...

This is where we had dinner...

This is where the boys camped/slept in their sleeping bags...

The girls and baby went home to sleep in warm, comfortable beds. :)

A beautiful tea party fit for God's princesses!

Nothing better than spending time with dear friends!

The girls and their sparkly shoes..

 Tire-swinging in the backyard.

 Singing a new favorite... "Baby Beluga"!

The kiddos are such troopers off-roading for 2 hours under the hot desert sun!

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