Monday, December 3, 2012

Potty Training #3

We finally started potty-training littlest sister this past week. I say "finally" because she was ready to potty-train since she was probably around 20 months... but I just simply was not up for it...and we probably had a ton of things going on in between. But one day last week, she said "no more diapers Mommy!".. so that was it. From the next day, no more diapers (at least while she is awake). 

Even though we've done this twice before.. it's still a tiring process.. only because I am usually preoccupied with the other two.. but the cleaning of the accidents and such.. just adds to the already full day.  She has been doing very well though. One thing she hasn't shown is fear..which is what the other girls had when they first started potty-training.  This is probably non-existent with her because she watches her two big sisters go to the bathroom all the time.  And this evening, while I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner... I just thought I should check on her to see where she was/ what she was doing (because she has been diaper-less/underwear-less).. and she had been sitting and sitting patiently on the toilet and went both pee and poo by herself! Her big sisters and I were so proud of her! 

Here is a text message that big sister sent to Daddy this evening (he was at a men's bible study): 

"Daddy- I want to tell you that she went pee pee and poo poo into the potty.  Daddy- she went onto the potty and sat and sat and sat on the potty like Prudence.  She is magnificent.  Daddy this is also the bestest thing I have to tell you... that Abigail is so brave and she has been happy the whole day."

She was so very proud of her.. :)

This is Littlest Sister...swinging on the front door..with her apron on..without any diaper..having a ball!
Some days, I wonder how I keep up with her! ;)

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