Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vintage Shopping.

I did some vintage shopping this weekend. More for Japan. :) I saw a few things I would like for our home... like these vintage photo frames... but I didn't buy anything for me...  I was on a mission to find something to send to Japan.

One of the things I had left to purchase were some vintage quilts... and I saw some gorgeous quilts.. but I could not believe the price tags on them.. in this one particular antique shop.. the quilts (from the 1930s) were all over $600!!  I was looking for quilts more in the less than $100 price range... But they are truly a piece of art.. and you can tell A LOT of work has gone into making each of them.

I didn't always have an appreciation for quilts...but I really do LOVE them now.. someone somewhere spent a lot of time picking out the fabric, cutting each piece, sewing each piece to make a beautiful masterpiece. :)

I did end up finding some other beautiful quilts for A LOT less... and I'm looking forward to shipping them to Japan!  I really hope that they will find them beautiful and will have a lot of appreciation for them also . :)

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