Saturday, January 14, 2012


Since we are feeling much better, I thought it would be fun to take the girls to our nearby farm to see some farm animals.  I am so grateful for this quaint little farm that sits right in the middle of busy OC.  It's close, it's free, it's clean and the animals seem so well taken care of and so happy there.. which makes me happy. :)

The girls LOVED their little "field trip" to the farm.  As soon as we got there, there some volunteers standing who let the girls pet Patches and Freckles..which are two GIGANTIC cows (probably some of the biggest cows I've ever seen).  They also told us that there were 2 day old piglets in the pig pen, and a brand new calf at the farm so we went searching for them right away!

Now, I am not a huge fan of the adult pig... but the 2 day old piglets... I could NOT get enough of!

They were SO adorable I wanted to take one home with us. ;)

There were 12 piglets total.. Blacks ones, brown ones, pink ones, spotted ones... I would say that the majority of the time we were at the farm, biggest sister was standing over the piglets and observed them as they were sleeping on top of each other.. She watched them when as they woke up from their naps and made squealing noises.. and then started feeding on mama pig's milk...She was pretty much mesmerized.  I was too.

One of the volunteers told us that this is the time of year when the animals all have babies... So true.. As we walked around, we saw so many babies!

The calf...

The kid...

The chicks...

And then there were mama sheep that are due any day..

Littlest sister LOVED being there and was running around making animal noises.  Her two big sisters were a little fearful being around the farm animals when they were her age...but NOT her.  She was fearLESS, sticking her hands between the cracks of fences to somehow touch the animals.

We had a lovely time.  The girls want to go back again already. ;)

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