Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friday Nights.

Friday nights are known as "Family Nights" around here.  We started this tradition about a year ago... Every Friday, the girls KNOW that we will spend together as a family and do something fun.  Whether it's playing board games, watching a movie, going out to eat or getting a dessert...we make it intentional to spend quality time together.

The girls look forward to "Friday Night Famiy Night" EVERY week.

This past Friday I took the two big sisters to a free Watoto Choir concert that a friend invited us to at her church.  It was the girls' first time listening to a performance by children from Uganda.. and they were absolutely amazed...  During the concert Biggest sister turned to me and said, "Mommy, I love their voices.. I've never heard it before."  She was dancing to the beat of the drums and music... and watched in awe as the orphan boys and girls sang beautifully in their colorful attire.  I was envisioning her dancing and singing with them in Africa. :)  We hope and pray that someday God will allow our whole family to go on a mission trip there! 

After the concert, I surprised them and took them to a nearby Starbucks where we all enjoyed our cakepop and vanilla steamer with soymilk (the girls' favorite drink)!

I love that the girls can EXPECT something every Friday night.  This tradition brings us closer together as a family and we are building wonderful memories every week.  We'll try to continue this tradition as long as we can. :)

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