Saturday, November 19, 2011

At Last...

At last, we took the girls to the "Happiest Place on Earth."  Funny how I'm posting this after yesterday's post.... but we actually promised the girls that we would take them to Disneyland a while ago (probably before the summer).  

The truth is, we live about 6 minutes away from Disneyland (literally) but still had no intention of taking them YET...  But earlier this year my dad asked if we were getting annual passes for the entire family and offered to pay for half the cost.. Without his generous offer, we wouldn't have even thought of taking them this year.. but we are so glad we took them today! We had such a BLAST!

The girls didn't know that we were going to Disneyland today.  They knew we were taking them soon...but didn't know exactly when.  So when Bryant told the girls we were going today, they were VERY surprised and excited!  I think Bryant and I were just as excited and anxious since we haven't been in about a decade!  It was such a beautiful day today.. and with the Christmas decorations, carols and music.. it seemed especially magical.  We didn't feel the need to rush (now that we can come back with our passes), we were just able to enjoy and relax!  We are already looking forward to going back! :)

Biggest sister was so happy, she could hardly contain herself. 
Tea cup ride, daddy and the girls. :)

Littlest sister trying to get in line at "It's a Small World."
Live band playing Christmas music... 

The three princesses posing together... :)

Biggest sister took her little plastic Snow White (in her hand) and was looking forward to showing it to her.
Big sister's favorite princess, Cinderella, was also there so she made her day. :)

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