Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pianist? Surgeon? Firefighter? Mommy?

Big Sister has been showing a lot of interest in piano.. One day, she asked me to show her how to play (I don't know how to play so I just taught her from a piano book).. and I was surprised by her determination and concentration!   

She has always been really good with her hands... I remember how she would impress us with her hand coordination and use of utensils when she had just turned 1... and even now, she loves putting things together and taking things apart, cutting, tying, etc.. 

There are a few things Big Sister has mentioned that she desires to be...1) a surgeon, 2) pianist, 3) firefighter and 4) a mommy.  I think she would be great at any of these things.. She is one smart and talented little girl.  I'm excited to see all the things God has planned for her! 

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