Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas this Year...

Christmas this year has been different in many ways.. We have met so many new people and have made so many new friendships.. through our church, our neighborhood, through homeschooling..  I definitely feel like God is molding and shaping us... into what.. I don't exactly know.. but He is surrounding us with a wonderful community of believers.. and we are so thankful for that.. because we definitely need the support and prayer, and we are so happy to be able to do the same for others.

Also through this process of molding and shaping, God has been opening my eyes to my love for art, design and creativity.  Again, this past year, He has been surrounding me with like-minded artists and opportunities to use my creativity.. whether it's helping design the backdrop for our Sunday church services, working as a buyer and picking out unique and beautiful vintage items, and planning for and creating art projects for the girls... This has all been an answer to prayer that I prayed several years ago. Even Bryant noticed that my artistic side is becoming more visual..

With this being said, I have had a lot of fun creating and decorating our home for Christmas with the girls.. We have done many projects..making ornaments, a nativity scene, garlands, and more.. The girls absolutely LOVE doing projects.. Perhaps this is another reason why He gave me girls... to help me understand myself more...because He is so good like that..

Anyway, here are some photos/happenings around the house this Christmas.. :)

Paper and twine garlands.. and the bottle is a vintage find.

Snow globes made with mason jars and salt...and little trees from Walmart.

Red and white felt garlands..

The nativity scene made up by the girls. Notice the "pink donkey". 

The girls acting as Mary and Joseph and their doll as baby Jesus..

Biggest sister has been in total "Mary mode."

Vintage finds...

I love having real "greens" around the house.  The decoration on the tale was from a party the night before..

Another vintage find (letters by me)..
 Found some really inexpensive and fun pillows from IKEA.

For years I have used fabric scraps as the tree skirt.. And last year a friend gave me a gift card to Anthropologie and found this tree skirt on clearance.  I had to put it away for a year.. but I am happy it is under the tree this year! :)

And here is Big Sister who is quickly growing into a very intellignet and independent 4 year old! ;)

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