Monday, August 27, 2012

Falling Apart

Things have been falling apart around here lately.. Bryant's car, our front door, our bathroom floor, and now this weekend...the sewer/plumbing.. All together, it has been a little stressful..just thinking about depleting our emergency fund and some! But at church we are studying the book of Philippians...and Paul, with all the craziness he went through, still praised God.. In the midst of the "falling apart", I too want to praise God and be thankful for His goodness and faithfulness. He will provide and take care of us. I believe this.

On another note, I have started Crossfit. Some hardcore exercise people probably know what this is..and most likely doing it on their own at home. I am not one of those people. I have never been a hardcore exercise person... But when I realized that I am the heaviest that I've ever been (minus when I was pregnant)... I knew I had to do something about it.. and I needed someone to yell at me for me to accomplish it.  So Crossfit it is... and it is actually FUN. I already feel like I'm in such better shape..and stronger too! I'm planning to just join for a few months until I'm fit and can keep up the exercise on my own... But for now, I'm having them keep me accountable. ;)

Here is a video of Crossfit Tustin. :)

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