Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Cards and Hot Days.

It has been HOT here... the two window A/C we own have helped... but still HOT.. The girls have been playing in the water a running through sprinklers, playing in our small plastic pool, going to the beach, going to a friend's pool... whatever it takes to keep us cool.  This afternoon, we just sat in the shade in our front yard and I let them watch something on my laptop.. only because it was too hot to be running around (plus Big Sister is fighting a cold)..

We are invited to three birthday parties this weekend... and I don't know who in our house will be well enough to go..but we made birthday cards for all celebrations anyway.  Big Sister surprised me with her card... She wrote all our family members' names (including our dog's).. and a few other sentences about our family in general... Of course I helped her with the spelling, but she thought of the sentences and wrote them all out herself! So fun watching these girls learn to read and write!

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