Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Spirit

I love her free spirit. 
I love her confidence. 
I love her compassionate heart. 
I love that she is a born leader. 
I love that she cares deeply for her family and friends. 
I love that she loves Jesus. 

Lord, use me to lift her up and encourage her in the way you want her to live. 
Help me see all the beautiful qualities, gifts and talents that you have given her that are unique to her. 
May she grow up to be wise, bold, courageous and spirit-led. 
May she spread her wings and soar...in the direction that you want her to go. 
May she focus on You and You alone...and wait patiently for the husband you have chosen for her. 
May she soak up the Word and use it to minister to others and further your kingdom. 
May she know ALWAYS that she is extremely loved and cherished by You. 

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