Sunday, June 10, 2012

The "Urban Barn" and Baby Shower

Last weekend, my friend Amy and I threw a baby shower for our good friend Jen who is expecting her first baby in July.  Jen requested a co-ed baby shower to celebrate her baby girl!  It was different planning for this shower because it was 1) a co-ed/family shower and 2) it was held at my friend's house which is an hour and half away (which meant we did almost all the planning via phone or e-mail).  It was so much fun planning for the shower because 1) this baby shower was also for Bryant's best friend (the father of the baby) and 2) I got to spend a lot of time talking on the phone with Amy who I love and respect so much...and we got to meet halfway in San Juan Capistrano to plan and brainstorm for the shower (and did a little antique window-shopping also!).

She also took me to the "Urban Barn" on the day of the shower, which is a antique mall/shop near her house with so much wonderful treasures!  I'm definitely going back there when I have some cash in my pocket! ;)  The shower turned out wonderful and Jen seemed to really enjoy it.. so Amy and I were relieved! We are so excited to welcome and meet the precious baby growing in her belly!!

Some photos from the store.

Can you tell I love A LOT of things from the store!?!? ;)

And some photos from the shower...
The style was modern with a rustic feel...

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