Monday, May 14, 2012

Balboa Island & Camping

Balboa Island has an annual garage sale which is a great place to go...because many homes participate and you can usually find great clothes, furniture, etc.. Last year I went by myself to browse, and this year we went as a family.  It's definitely not as easy looking around with three little ones..but it was still nice walking around the island on a beautiful day...

We took a break and sat by the sea..

Biggest Sister bought this pink headband with flowers with her own money...and we also scored on her new pretty sandals which were $2. :)  We bought a few clothing for the girls for $1 each.

Same day, we met with Bryant's men's bible study group and their families at a beautiful campsite.  We didn't stay the night since we don't have all the essential camping equipment, but we enjoyed having dinner and s'mores by the campfire!! 

We are hoping that by this summer (or next) we will be ready to camp overnight with our friends!!

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