Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arts Retreat

Last weekend, I went on a retreat with my church's Arts Ministry team.  I was honored to be able to spend time with some of our church's most talented artists.  I didn't know anyone...and noone knew me.. so it was definitely awkward at first... but they were such great people and it was wonderful spending time with each of them!

I loved that as soon as we got there, we dove right into the Word... and spent a lot of the time during the weekend, reflecting on God's truth and journaling.. It was truly a retreat for me to not cook, clean, change diapers, discipline, etc.. I was the only married one (other than the host) so I felt extremely old.. but they accepted me anyway. ;)

We stayed at a stunning cabin which was designed/built by an architect who attends our church.  Him and his wife so generously allow people to stay at their cabin at no cost!!  I fell in love with the place. Love at first sight.  Here are the photos. ;)

The view from the front and the back of the cabin.

The living/dining room and study room.

Two of the many bedrooms.

Love the rustic feel of this place..

After this weekend, I feel like I learned more about our church, the leadership at our church, the Arts ministry..but more importantly, I learned that God values Art.. He does so much through it.. empowers, speaks Truth, touches, heals... God is awakening my passion for the Arts and I'm excited to see how He wants to use me in this ministry!

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