Monday, April 9, 2012


This Easter was very interesting.. in that, my girls are really getting the meaning of it... We have books that talks about the true meaning of Easter... And we go through the "Resurrection Eggs" (which I totally recommend for little ones) to help them understand and tell the story of Easter..but this year, my 5 year old was thinking profoundly about Jesus' death and His resurrection.  When Good Friday came, she seemed sad/melancholy almost the entire day... I thought she was sick..but before the Good Friday service she told me that she "was thinking about Jesus and His death on the cross."  It just made me think how pure their hearts and minds are... she was really grieving the loss of this man who was the Son of God... and come Sunday, she was ready to party and celebrate the risen King!!  And what was also neat was how Big Sister (who accepted Jesus into her heart a few months ago) wanted to be baptized when she saw people getting baptized during the service!!  All day today she said, "Mommy- I want Daddy to baptize me." :)  I am sure next year, Easter will take on a whole new meaning to the girls.. but this year, it was so neat to see their little hearts, minds and souls being touched and moved by the Spirit of God!

The cross that our church asked me to paint for the Good Friday service...

Our "hearts" that were stapled onto a tree before the service.. 
Biggest Sister drew a heart with her and Jesus next to it..

The restaurant we went to after the Easter service to celebrate as a family!  What a great restaurant with yummy food, excellent service and relaxing ambiance!  I think we will make this a tradition! ;)

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