Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today, the girls and I started preparing the soil for our sunflower house! Our plan is plant the seeds this week and watch the flowers grow to full bloom in a few months!   Our hope is that the girls will have a fun and shady sunflower house to play in this summer!

Also, this weekend, we hosted a party for my dear friend who is visiting from Korea! And she brought her 2 month old with her!  Yes, she flew by herself 15+ hours with her first newborn! I'm so proud of her!  Anyway, we had not seen her in over year and obviously hadn't seen the baby in person.. so we invited her old friends, had an old-college-roomates reunion, had some GREAT potluck brunch food, and celebrated her and her SWEET baby boy!! :)

Prepared a few little activities for the kids to play with (there were 13 kids here!) because it was pouring rain on Saturday!!  Fun with stickers and decorating cupcakes with green frosting (for St. Patrick's day!).    

We had such a great time spending time with Antie L... and with old friends from college.  And the 3 infants and 10 toddlers played so well together (even though we were all stuck inside our petite-size home).     ;)

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