Thursday, March 22, 2012

Childlike Faith.

I wish I had a secret recording device and record every little prayer that the girls pray.  They are just too precious. I'm sure every parent feels the same when their child prays.  From "thank you God for this day" to "Jesus, come quickly.  I want to see your face"...and praying for healing for those they know and love.. "please heal Grandma Sanchez with her cancer and our neighbor Mrs. Debbie's foot"...every bit of it is precious beyond words.

I wonder what it is like to have childlike faith (literally)?  How does it feel as a child to be praying to God Almighty?  Not having been raised in a Christian home, I can't help but wonder... I wonder how my life would have looked if I started praying with my parents and siblings starting at age 0...

The girls are so blessed to know their Lord and Savior and to communicate with Him at such a young age!  Unfortunately the girls most likely will not remember the prayers that they prayed when they were 3 and 5 years old (and we sadly won't either..except for the ones we have written down)...but God will remember every. single. one.  And THAT is just so neat.  Thank you Lord!

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