Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Celebration.

Bryant turned 37 on Thursday! We celebrated as a family that day.. the girls and I made him a special breakfast, baked a birthday cake, and prepared for him his favorite dish for dinner. His birthday gift.... well, his birthday gift I told him that "it was coming and he had to wait."  Little did he know, that I had made reservations at the Blue Bayou in Pirates of the Carribean (a restaurant that he has been wanting to go) and asked my good friend to come watch the girls for us while I took him on a surprise date to Disneyland!

The plan worked.. sort of.. As always, he figures something is up when I try to surprise him...but he had NO idea what I was going to surprise him with. ;) I asked him to meet me at a parking lot after work on Friday, and showed up BY MYSELF with sneaks and jacket for him! He was surprised indeed. Yay!  Although we had to practically jog all the way to the restaurant (to make it to our reservation time), then had to wait half an hour (because they accidentally skipped us)... we still enjoyed a nice relaxing evening by the creepy swamp/pirates ride. Yes, it was creepy and awkward to me (boats full of people were staring at us and taking photos while we ate), but he enjoyed it and finally fulfilled his curiosity about this restaurant.. so I was happy. :)

The birthday celebration continued on (day 3) with a fun evening with very good friends at a local antique mall. We had dinner, then got gelato.  We could have sat, talked and spent the whole evening with our friends..but we all had children/babysitters to go home to... But it was such a blessed time.. We are so thankful for our friends that love and care for us and our family.

On a side note.  Biggest Sister (out of the blue) this past week decided that she wants to make a book for daddy.  She ended up making two fabulous books, one called "Daddy as a Little Boy" and "Daddy and His Pet Cat Perla" which she gave to him for his birthday.  She thought of and wrote out the whole story and drew pictures for each page (she asked me to spell each and every word) ... We've got a very creative (and thoughtful girl) over here... ;)  She has also been really into drawing...more so than she has ever been... This photo below is one she drew of Jesus, herself and her two little sisters. :)

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