Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old Stomping Ground.

Bryant and I both love San Diego. 

San Diego is where Bryant grew up. That is where I went to college.  That is where we met, got married and spent our first year of marriage (in Solana Beach).  We have a lot of wonderful memories there... Today, we went down there for our friends' son's 2nd birthday.. We left early in the morning so Bryant can go surfing with his friend at one of his favorite beaches.. Del Mar beach.  It was such a beautiful day.. perfect for sitting out in the sun, perfect for playing in the sand and water.. perfect for hanging out and catching up with our good friends.  We had lunch afterward at one of my favorite places to eat in Del Mar.

We also stopped by La Jolla Cove which was on our way to the birthday party... La Jolla was beautiful, as always...I used to study at the cafes down by the cove during my college years, so it brings back memories every time I go visit the cove.  Bryant took biggest sister down the rocks to check out the tide pools and seals (while her little sisters were napping).  After we fully bathed ourselves in the sun.. we went to the birthday party, got to spend quality time with our friends, and then drove home. Such a fun day. We miss living in San Diego... Maybe someday the Lord will move us there again. ;)

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