Sunday, January 22, 2012

Night Away!

Bryant surprised me with a night away! He had asked his parents to come over to watch the girls and booked a hotel!

At first, when he told me that we were going away for the night (a few days ago), I was a little unsure... just because of the short notice.  But after being away for just one night, I just feel so rejuvenated!  It was a much needed time away with the hubby (sadly the last time we did this was in 2009)! 

After saying good-bye to the in-laws and the girls, Bryant took me to a lovely french restaurant.  We had yummy dinner, desert, tea... and RELAXED because we had no curfew, no babysitter to pay or kids to put down! :)

Best of all... we got to sleep in!!!  Well, I still woke up around 7:30am because my body is just programmed to wake up early...but I was able to STAY in bed and read as long as I wanted.. then we SLOWLY got ready and went out to breakfast at 10am!  

 I really enjoyed just spending time with Bryant...and Bryant alone without being distracted or interrupted every minute... :)  We even stopped by the antique mall on our way home because I needed to my some final purchases for Japan.  I purchased some vintage tablecloths and handkerchiefs... and wished I could ship some other amazing pieces from the past. :)

The girls had so much fun with their Poppa and Nana and asked when they can come over to spend the night again! ;)

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