Monday, January 9, 2012


 We've been sick here for the past week with a yucky virus.. The girls have been doing fairly well considering that we've been stuck at home.. and probably will be for another week... The bright side of being stuck at home is that it force me to be creative... to entertain these sicklings. ;)

I was thinking how healing "beauty" is (especially for a girl).. while I was painting the fingernails of my sick 3 year old.  Just feeling "pretty" is healing in itself. :)

Painting and crafting...always a great way to keep them busy...

Cracking open acorns we picked up from our neighborhood.

Singing praises in the morning.. and praying that God would heal us quickly. ;)

A nice cup of tea helps us feel better too...

And a little project for Mommy so she doesn't lose her sanity. ;)

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