Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turning 5!

Yesterday was biggest sister's birthday and we celebrate in a very special way.. She went on a birthday breakfast date with Daddy (and invited her sister).  Then we went to Disneyland to celebrate with her friends!!

I didn't plan on having a birthday celebration at Disneyland...but it turned out wonderful! I was originally going to meet with my friend and her kids for playdate (since theyall have annual passes)..and found our other friends also have passes.. and so we all ended up meeting there on her birthday!! Biggest sister got to ride her favorite rides (Small World and Tea Cup), see Mary Poppins dance, eat a Mickey Mouse chocolate ice cream, and a band even played a "happy birthday" tune for her as we were leaving the park!  I think she had a VERY memorable birthday!! She woke up this morning and asked, "Mommy, can it be my birthday again?"... ;)  Yes sweetie, your birthday will come again..but can I enjoy you before you turn 6 years old? I'm still having a hard time believing you are already 5!!

Before going out to breakfast with Daddy... 

Littlest sister and I stayed home and read books...

Sisters and friends walking hand-in-hand down Main St...

 Small World all decked out with Christmas decorations!

 Getting ready to spin the tea cup.

Everyone holding up a "five" for her fifth birthday!!

Watching Mary Poppins dance and sing...

Cake with family in the evening. :) 

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