Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Been at home for a week now with three sick girlies... 
We are getting a little stir-crazy but I thank God that we have a nice and warm home where we can rest, play and get better.

My mom recently bought this writing mat by Melissa and Doug for the girls and it has been a big hit. 

Colored Pencils: 
There's always some kind of coloring, drawing, painting going on around here...

Pom Poms: 
Since we're at home (and I found some colorful tissue paper), we started making some decoration for Big Sister's birthday...
which is this Saturday!!  She will be turning 3!!

PJs and blankets: 
We've been around these all week. 
Fevers, boogies, and coughs please go away and don't come back for a long long time...

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